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Webinars and Podcasts

  • Asked Emma on her experience of having a father with Schizophrenia and the verbal and mental abuse that comes with it

  • Gave personal tips to Children of Parents with Mental Illnesses (COPMI)

  • Taught a class at the Rutgers School of Social Work about emotional abuse advocacy

  • Connected directly with upcoming social workers

  • Educated on how to dress emotionally abusive situations and how to start advocating even on a small scale

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  • Inevitable Sh!t: Stories of Creation & Connection, Episode 4 "Youth Guiding Youth to Safety"

  • Showed how I turned my experience of adversity into motivation to create positive social change

  • Talked about the role creativity plays in my project and my hope for the world

  • You can find her podcast at:

  • Zoom video coming soon

  • Interview on my project and raw tips I have for children going through an abusive situation

  • Covers ways I personally think parents and teachers can help children

  • Her account for bullying prevention:

  • Weekdays at 6:30  (I'm a teen mentor on Tuesdays!)

  • teens can talk about issues important to them on Zoom


  • Takeaway from March 25th:  If you're in an abusive situation from a parent and in a crisis, please call 911 or call crisis text line. Find friends or other family member to stay with. If you have a good relationship with them; they’ll understand. Staying safe takes priority over germs. Don’t initiate any conversation with your Parents. Keep yourself in a situation where you feel secure. Keep healthy distance so you can figure it out.